Planning an event and need a little help?  Try our Boxed Lunch Specials

$100.00 Minimum order                     Customer pickup preferred


Please provide at least 2 week advance notice for catered orders

Box Lunch Sandwich combinations...Our amazing sandwiches are served on a croissant, white, wheat or marble rye and include a brownie and a side.  Pick any sandwich and side combination.      

Half Sandwich Combo   $9.50 Whole sandwich combo  $11.50

Pecan Chicken Salad- a delicious blend of chicken, golden raisins and grapes topped with pecans and lettuce
Turkey Cranberry- cranberry cream cheese spread, pecans, turkey and lettuce topped with jam

Ham & Provolone - deli ham, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, & mayo

Sides: Broccoli Salad,  Macaroni Salad, Penne & Cucumber Salad, Potato Salad or Chips

Tossed Specialty salads - Our delectable salads are served with salad crackers and a brownie. ($10.95)

Apple Walnut- Diced apple, Feta crumbles, candied walnuts, and cranberries served with our homemade apple walnut dressing
Chicken Caesar- Grilled chicken, Parmesan cheese, croutons, and tomato served with our homemade Caesar dressing
Citrus Chicken- Grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, green onion and sugared almonds served with homemade citrus vinaigrette
Spinach Strawberry- strawberries, Feta cheese, Craisins, and candied walnuts served with strawberry vinaigrette
Chef- deli ham and turkey, hard-boiled egg, bacon, tomato, carrots, green onion, Cheddar cheese, and croutons
Cobb- Grilled chicken, egg, bacon, tomato, carrots, Feta cheese, and croutons

Sandwich Trays for Large Groups -

Select an assortment of sandwiches from above and sides below to create your ideal menu or let us choose for you!

Choose a half sandwiches or whole, with or without sides or as combo meal which includes a brownie.

Sandwich Only Half Whole
Service for 10 $40.00 $65.00
Service for 25 $100.00 $162.50
Service for 50 $200.00 $325.00
Service for 75 $281.25 $468.75
Service for 100 $375.00 $625.00
Sandwich & Side Half Whole
Service for 10 $65.00 $75.00
Service for 25 $162.50 $187.50
Service for 50 $325.00 $375.00
Service for 75 $468.75 $543.75
Service for 100 $625.00 $725.00
Sandwich, Side & Brownie Combo Half Whole
Service for 10 $75.00 $95.00
Service for 25 $187.50 $237.50
Service for 50 $375.00 $475.00
Service for 75 $543.75 $693.75
Service for 100 $725.00 $925.00

Specialty Salads for Large Groups -

Select any specialty tossed salad above and order as a side salad for $5.00 per serving

Bulk sides served by the quart -


   Per Qt  Add'l Qts
Chicken Salad $22.50 $19.00
Broccoli Salad $13.50 $12.00
Macaroni salad $13.50 $12.00
Penne and Cucumber salad $13.50 $12.00
Potato Salad $13.50 $12.00

Desserts -


Bread Pudding (serves 16) includes caramel sauce & whip cream $80.00  
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